Which prospect camp to attend....

This keeps coming from parents, which prospect camps to attend? The number 1 answer - where does your kid want to go to college? Forget lacrosse, if they are there for a semester or year or whatever, an stop playing, do they still want to go to that school? If the answer is no, I suggest finding another school. The choices are immense, and as usual, the devil is in the details. Do you want a large school? small? southern? western? What majors are good for the student (knowing most kids change their majors more then once)? Distance from home? Tons of options without considering lacrosse. Those are the ones you target. I always suggest starting with US News best colleges and rankings, h

End of Summer lax, now plan the fall

Like every other parent of club lacrosse players, you have to be happy the summer club season is over and the silent period has begun. No more travel, no more restaurant chain meals, and look forward to a few weekends with the family before school starts again. However if your son or daughter is in high school, and wants to play in college, now is the time schedule fall and winter prospect days at the schools your interested in. Prospect days are simply an opportunity for the players to play in front of the college coach of their choice, and hopefully for the coach to see them. Selecting which colleges to visit is the first trick. My first advice to parents, look at colleges you want you

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