High School Level Prospect and Showcase Camps

We created this section because we can not find a single source for the individual camps/prospect days, other then sponsors advertising their own.  So as we hear about them we will post here and try to keep this section as up to date as possible.  If you have a showcase or prospect day and would like us to add it to the list, or see that we have something wrong, please email us at wackylax@gmail.com.  Note, we do not include TEAM events, only individual camps, and only high school age.  Check out our new blog for updates, comments, etc.


New to the lacrosse college searching? Your in for a huge learning curve in how it all works, here are some links to help you sort through it all.


College Lacrosse & Scholarship Information (updated to 2020)

US Lacrosse article for parents on college recruiting

NCAA Eligibility Center

2017 NCAA Lax recruitment rule adjustments

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Jun 2022

Texas T99 showcase​, Dallas, TX

1-2 LM Boys High Academic prospect camp, Naples, FL

1-2 LM Girls High Academic prospect camp, Naples, FL

3 ATL Girls showcase, Cumming GA

3 High Point girls ID camp, High Point, NC

3 Lone star girls elite showcase, Plano, TX

Long Island 99 girls showcase, Farmingdale, NY

3 TXD Texas Elite 150 showcase, Plano, TX

3-4 Univ Utah prospect days, Salt Lake City, UT

Univ of Pitt girls summer clinic 1, Pittsburg, PA

The Show 2024 showcase, Wilmington, DC

4-5 D3 Girls and Boys showcase, Tinton Falls, NJ

4-5 XPO girls California, Wilder Fields, Orinda

5  Apex First Look showcase, Bel Air, MD

D3 Summer boys showcase, Tinton Falls, NJ

Impact10 showcase, Concord, CA

5  LILS Boys Und1sputed showcase, Rochelle, NY

Northern Exposure showcase, HIllsborough, NJ

5 Prep school showcase, Greenwich, CT

Und1sputed Showcase, Old Westbury, NY

5  Mile High Girls showcase, Denver, CO

Rhodes College prospect day 1, Memphis, TN

6-7 LM NE High Academic prospect camp, Weymouth, MA

6-7 Southern ACES showcase, Kingwood, TX

6-9 Univ Denver girls elite camp, Denver, CO

7-8 Mountain West showcase, Salt Lake City, UT

8-9 LM Girls High Academic Prospect camp, Taunton, MA

9-10 MBX 66 Showcase, Marietta, GA

9-10 NHSLS Summer showcase, Matthews, NC

10 Adrenaline Black card 88 showcase, Delaware Beaches, DE

10 Christopher Newport girls D3 clinic, Newport News, VA

10 LM Girls Mid-Atlantic prospect camp, Owings Mills, MD

10 Primetime Showcase, Virginia Beach, VA

10 Socal showcase, Temecula, CA

11 LILS Girls LI showcase, Hicksville, NY

11 NYLA HS summer showcase, Garden City, NY

11-12 TPS boys showcase, Tinton Falls, NJ

12 Jacksonville prospect day, Jacksonville, FL

12 Williams College prospect day, Williamstown, MA

12 UNC Prospect day 1, Chapel Hill, NC

13 3d NE showcase, Weston, MA

13-14 Duke prospect day, Durham, NC

13-14 Ohio boys & girls showcase, Canton, OH

13-15 UNC girls camp 1, Chapel Hill, NC

14 Bodyarmor state games showcase, Durham, NC

14 LM High Academic D3 Girls prospect camp, Simsbury, CT

14 West Chester girls prospect day, West Chester, PA

14-15 LM High Academic NJ prospect camp, Tinton Falls, NJ

15 Jersey Strong Showcase, Metuchen, NJ

15 Univ of Maryland Girls prospect day, Elkridge, MD

15-17 Villanova 150 prospect & showcase, Villanova, PA

16 LILS Girls Mid-Atlantic Elite showcase, Columbia, MD

16 Lynchburg college prospect day, Lynchburg, VA

16 Michigan Select 99 showcase, Grosse Pointe Woods, MI

16 Roanoke College prospect day, Salem, VA

17 Adrenaline Sand Diego prospect day, San Diego, CA

17 Beast of the east showcase, Aston, PA

17 ECD All-American showcase, Columbia, MD

17 Franklin and Marshall prospect day, Lancaster, PA

17  Long Island 99 boys showcase, Farmingdale, NY

17 Primetime Showcase, Wellesley, MA

17 Southeast Elite 150 showcase, Nashville, TN

18  Florida Recruiting showcase​, Jacksonville, FL

19-23 Epoch NAI Boys and Girls showcase, Philadelphia, PA

20  Lehigh Univ Girls prospect camp 1​, Bethlehem, PA

20-21 LM Girls NE High Academic D3 prospect camp, Branford, CT

20-21 UNC girls camp 2, Chapel Hill, NC

21 Adrenaline Summer Showcase, Frederica, DE

21 Ohio State Univ prospect day, Columbus, OH

21-22 Midwestern girls Winners showcase, Westfield, IN

21-23 Mercer Girls elite camp, Macon, GA

22  Atlantic Showcase, Wilmington, DC

22 LM Girls Patriot League prospect camp, Tinton Falls, NJ

22 LM Girls High Academic prospect camp, HIllsborough, NJ

22-23 LM NE High Academic D3 prospect camp, Branford, CT

22-23 UNC girls camp 3, Chapel Hill, NC

23 LM girls High Academic NJ prospect camp, Hillsborough, NJ

23  Philly Summer kickoff showcase, Boothwyn, PA

23-24 NHSLS Summer JV Red showcase, TBD

23-24 NHSLS Summer Varsity Red showcase, TBD

24 Gold Standard Elite showcase, Bel Air, MD

24 Nova prospect day, Leesburg, VA

24  Primetime Showcase, Smithfield, RI

24 Providence College prospect day 1, Providence, RI

25-26 Ultimate Project 120 Premier showcase, Manheim, PA

26 Bucknell prospect day, Lewisburg, PA

26  Rhodes College prospect day 1, Memphis, TN

26 Webber prospect day, Babson Park, FL

27 LILS Girls Und1sputed showcase, Rochelle, NY

27 Northwestern girls prospect day, Milton, MA

27 Uconn girls clinic 1, Storrs, CT

27-28 Virginia Tech girls elite camp, Blacksburg, VA

28  Matt Chandik's One percent  showcase, Farmingdale, NY

28-29 ID Boys Showcase, Maple Grove, MN

28-29 ID Girls Showcase, Minneapolis, MN

28-29 NE Top 150 showcase, TBD Boston Area

28-29 Underarmor UA150, Finksburg, MD

28-29 Vanderbilt girls elite camp, Nashville, TN

29 St Joseph Univ prospect day, Philadelphia, PA

29-1 Villanova 150 prospect &  showcase, Villanova, PA

30 NHSLS Varsity White showcase, TBD

30 Vassar / Paramount showcase, Poughkeepsie, NY

30-1 LM Patriot League High Academic Prospect camp, Concord, MA

Jul 2022

D2 Showcase, Conshokoken, PA

5-7 Juniors Girls Open, Hillsborough, NJ

 Williams College prospect day, Williamstown, MA

 D2 Showcase​, St Louis, MO

7  Lehigh Univ Girls summer series 1​, Bethlehem, PA

Top Threat showcase, Basking Ridge, NJ

TPS Girls showcase, Hillsborough, NJ

Adrenaline Western Showcase, Colorado Springs, CO

8  ATL elite 150 showcase, Atlanta, GA

Philly Summer showcase, Downingtown, PA

 Primetime Showcase, Holderness, NH

US Lax top 100 Rising Stars Showcase, Westfield, CT

9-10 National Allstar tryouts, Howard County, MD

10-13 Liberty Univ prospect day 1, Lynchburg, VA

11 East Coast Summer Showcase, Greenwich, CT

11 Run with the Best showcase, Stony Brook, NY

11 Uconn girls clinic 2, Storrs, CT

11-12 Davidson College girls camp, Davidson, NC

11-13 Christopher Newport girls elite camp​, Newport News, VA

12-13 Stanford Univ girls elite camp, Stanford, CA

12-14 Duke womens super elite camp, Durham, NC

13 Public school showcase, Amherst, MA

13  William & Mary girls prospect camp, Williamsburg, VA

13-14 Michigan Univ prospect Maize/Blue 100 day, Arbor, MI

14 Academic Showcase, New Haven, CT

14 D2 Showcase​, Pineville, NC

14 West Chester girls prospect day, West Chester, PA

14-15  MBX 55 showcase Indy, Westfield, IN

14-16 Berry College girls elite camp, Mt Berry, GA

15 Diamond Summer showcase, Baltimore, MD

15  Liberty National Elite showcase, Wilmington, DE

15  Niagara showcase, Youngstown, NY

17-19 Liberty Univ prospect day 2, Lynchburg, VA

18 Providence College prospect day 2​, Providence, RI

18-19 Apex Goalie 350 showcase, Bel Air, MD

18-19 Maryland Showcase, Elkridge, MD

18-19 Univ of Pitt girls elite camp​, Pittsburg, PA

18-20 Duke womens elite camp​, Durham, NC

19-20 ML8 Future Phenoms showcase, Newport, RI

19-20 US Lax Twin Cities showcase, Blaine, MN

20  Lehigh Univ Girls summer series 2​, Bethlehem, PA

20-21 XPO Girls prospect camp, Hillsborough, NJ

20-22 Apex 60 Summer Finale showcase, Bel Air, MD

21 US Lax Girls Midwest showcase, Schaumburg, IL

21-22 LM Girls High Academic Newport prospect camp, Newport, RI

22 Best in the West showcase, Sunnyvale, CA

22 Calvin Univ prospect day, Grand Rapids, MI

22 Go Fight Win elite summer showcase, Morris Plains, NJ

22 St Joseph Univ prospect day, Philadelphia, PA

22   Primetime Showcase, Lake George, NY

25-26 LM Boys prospect camp, Frederica, DE

25-26 Northstar  Girls showcase, Albany, NY

25-28 West Chester girls prospect day, West Chester, PA

25-29 Rhode Island college girls camp, Providence, RI

26  Harvard Univ prospect day, Cambridge, MA

26 Lafayette prospect day, Easton, PA

26  UNC Prospect day 2, Chapel Hill, NC

26-27 Level Up girls prospect camp, Petaluma, CA

27  American Select Individual showcase, Milford, DE

27 Franklin Pierce prospect day, Rindge, NH

28 Merrimack College Prospect day, North Andover, MA

28  Providence College prospect day 13, Providence, RI

28-29 LM girls HIgh Academic CA prospect camp, Petaluma, CA

28-29 National Premier showcase, Lancaster, PA

29-31 Elite 100 showcase, Beverly, MA

30 Cal Lutheran girls prospect camp, Thousand Oaks, CA

30-31 LM High Academic California Prospect camp, Petaluma, CA

31 Jacksonville prospect day, Jacksonville, FL

Aug 2022

1-2 Univ Utah prospect days​, Salt Lake City, UT

1-4 Univ Denver girls elite camp​, Denver, CO

Elite Exposure showcase, Hillsborough, NJ

20 Univ of Pitt girls summer clinic 2​, Pittsburg, PA

28 XPO girls New Jersey, Hillsborough, NJ

Sep 2022

Montevallo Falcon prospect day, Montevallo, AL

9-10 Univ Utah prospect days​, Salt Lake City, UT

10-11 F&M prospect weekend, Lancaster, PA

11 UVA prosect day 1, Charlottesville, VA

Oct 2022

8 D3 Girls Fall showcase, Tinton Falls, NJ

9 D3 Fall boys showcase, Tinton Falls ,NJ

Queens Univ prospect day, Charlotte, NC

10 Univ of Vermont prospect day,  Burlington, VT

11 LILS Boys Elite 88 showcase​, Hicksville, NY

15  Southeast Fall  showcase, Matthews, NC

15-16 Apex National Fall showcase, Bel Air, MD

23-24 Apex Futures 2027, Warwick, NY

31 LILS Girls Elite 88 showcase, Hicksville, NY

Nov 2022

4-6 Las Vegas Showcase, Las Vegas, NV

Adrenaline Fall Elite showcase, Delaware beaches, DE

LI Elite 80 showcase, Hicksville, NY

Rocky Mountain Girls Showcase, Denver, CO

12-13 Mid Atlantic showcase, various locations in MD

12-13  Rocky Mountain Boys Showcase, Denver, CO

13 US Lax Midwest Elite Top 80 showcase, McCook, IL

Dec 2022

2 Adrenaline Las Vegas showcase, Las Vegas, NV

UVA prosect day 2, Charlottesville, VA

9 Socal showcase​, Temecula, CA

10 Christopher Newport girls prospect day​, Newport News, VA

Jan 2023

6-7  Adrenaline Winter showcase, Del Mar, CA

13-14 Univ Utah prospect days​, Salt Lake City, UT

21-22 Kings Showcase, San Francisco, CA

*** Wacky Lacrosse is not connected to ANY of these camps, nor is paid or compensated in any way for listing them here.  Any mistakes here are by accident and will be corrected when notified.

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