End of Summer lax, now plan the fall

Like every other parent of club lacrosse players, you have to be happy the summer club season is over and the silent period has begun. No more travel, no more restaurant chain meals, and look forward to a few weekends with the family before school starts again.

However if your son or daughter is in high school, and wants to play in college, now is the time schedule fall and winter prospect days at the schools your interested in. Prospect days are simply an opportunity for the players to play in front of the college coach of their choice, and hopefully for the coach to see them. Selecting which colleges to visit is the first trick.

My first advice to parents, look at colleges you want your child to attend WITHOUT lacrosse, and make lacrosse a bonus. Looking at the odds, most high school players do not continue to play in college, or play beyond their freshman year for whatever reason. Also there is a 99.9999% chance they will not play lacrosse for a living after college - so the college degree and future opportunities should be the focus today.

Lacrosse can be a way to open the door to a college that academics alone might not have presented, use it, exploit it, but make sure its a college that the student wants to attend without the lacrosse, just in case.

Good luck planning, if you do not see the college of your choice listed here, email or call them, ask if they are holding a prospect day, if not, are they attending any others. Just note - if your looking at a prospect day that has 200+ player slots for registration, its a 'money grab' for the coaches program, look for the 100 or less, if they state that on the registration, so that the player will actually get to meet and play in front of the coach.

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