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Make good use of your time....

If your at a Showcase pay attention to who is there, coaches, players and even the vendors. Are the coaches all from only local schools, or all D2 or 3 you have never heard of? Are the players only from the area the showcase is held? And yes the vendors, a lot of them, or only a stringer and a cheese steak vendor? These are all 'tells' on how big and broad the showcase is, and how much exposure your child is getting.

At the prospect day, is the head coach and the assistants there the entire time, or is it all run by the college players? If it is run by the players, you may be wasting your time. Talk to the coaches and the college players there, see how their personality is - have your child befriend one of the college kids and take him/her to lunch with you. You will be amazed at the information you will get - or sit with them at the lunch if they provide it (some cheapskate programs charge $150 for the prospect, then the nerve to ask you for $5 for 1/2 a sub for lunch - that is a huge tell).

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