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OMG - from the coach?

Well - i have posted here before about respecting the game and good conduct, when you see issues it is usually with a kid or a parent, and yes the coaches yelling and harassing the refs during the game (way too many times). However saw a D2 game in the NE where the coach, the HEAD COACH, was heckling the opposing team players as they came off the field for time outs or at the end of a period. Got to say, if I was a prospective parent watching that game, there is no way my son would play for him, or go to that school allowing the behavior.

Want to know the difference? Watch the better coaches in the game, you barely hear them - they are coaching, teaching, and guiding their kids - they are kids right? Not yelling and taunting the other team, or berating the refs. It is because they are focused on their game, their team, and providing guidance in a positive manner. Not saying some are saints, just saying there are different versions of leadership.

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