Summer is over, not time to relax though

There are a few more camps the next two weekends, but summer lacrosse is pretty much over for most of us. Take a breath, jump in the pool, then assess your summer. Did your club team play in the A or AA games at the tournaments? If not, and you believe your son or daughter should have been, now is the time to tryout for another club. Anyone on a B or C team, those are typically visited by D2 or D3 coaches looking for high school seniors for their open slots. Notice I didn't say they won their games - the scouts on the side line are not looking at the score boards...

Next - create the short list for the colleges your kids really want to attend - for academics, not sports !!! Lacrosse should be secondary - get the education first - and remember, if they do not make the team, or get injured, they are still in college.

So now you have your list - find the email address for the coach, and in early September, email them from your kids email (NOT the parents), and ask when their fall / winter prospect day is and how interested you are in their program and meeting them. You will most likely get a response, register for it and book the weekend (and of course let us know what college / dates if not listed). Good Luck !!!

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