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Summer almost over, but recruiting is thin....

Hello all - been a while since I updated the blog, given our current state with the pandemic, my schedule is all changed, as I am sure yours is as well.

Just updated showcase/prospect day list from what I have (know of any pls email us), and there are not many this year for good reason. I want to suggest also before spending your money / time to travel, etc, make sure there will be coaches there, or if they are videoing and sending to coaches on YOUR school list. NCAA has changed ability for coaches to attend in-person recruiting events (see this link for some info), just saying, check to make sure who you want to play in front of will be there, or will know about it. You can also reach out to the coach directly, send a link to your Youtube page with your own videos, or your own custom website :) (not hard to do).

Please stay safe !!!

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