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You just cant make this stuff up.....

I have seen sooo many parents yelling sooo many bad/inappropriate things on a sports field - not just lax, all of them. Its like a certain call on the field was a personal jap in their gut - really..... I have also seen where a college said no to a top 10 recruit because one of the parents was a maniac on the sidelines - nobody wants that. Did you know, at least in NJ and probably in other states - any assault (just yelling can be assault) at a youth event is automatically 4th degree? I believe that means mandatory 6 months in jail, a hefty fine, and best of all - if your job/company requires you to be bonded or insured you just lost your job. What made me think of this - see this article from yesterday at a youth baseball game - just unbelievable: Click Here for Article

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